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  • Virtual Meeting room on the conferênciaweb

    Publicado em 29/07/2020 às 06:24 PM

    Virtual Meeting room on the conferênciaweb, a system of the National Research Network (RNP). Meetings can be scheduled by email:  ldrx@contato.ufsc.br


    It aims to expand the community of users of LDRX-UFSC, a multi-user laboratory at UFSC created in 2008 and which has an Xpert MPD Diffractometer acquired with funds from FINEP’s CT-INFRA 2005 Call. Mission: to promote scientific partnerships between researchers and students at UFSC around X-ray Diffraction.


    Publicado em 13/05/2024 às 12:06 PM

    Since January 4, 2022, LDRX has been part of the Multi-User Physical Research Laboratory (LAMPEF), which is registered on the National Research Infrastructure Platform MCTI.

  • Paper “Front Cover”

    Publicado em 29/06/2022 às 09:36 AM

    An article by Professor Dr. Eduard Westphal, from the Department of Chemistry (UFSC), together with a master’s student at UTFPR, is on the cover of the New Journal of Chemistry. Data obtained at the LDRX-UFSC helped to elucidate the organization of the molecules that make up the 7 new liquid crystals synthesized and characterized by the researchers.

    G. S. dos Santos, E. Westphal, Photoisomerizable azobenzene star-shaped liquid crystals: bypassing the absence of hydrogen bonding, New Journal of Chemistry, 46(16), 7334-7345, 2022.

  • PPGFSC-UFSC master’s student wins the “ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” for the second time!

    Publicado em 15/07/2021 às 02:36 PM

    Master’s student at PPGFSC-UFSC, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti, was awarded for the second consecutive time with the “ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” and will present work orally at the Denver X-ray Conference, which will take place between August 2nd and 6th 2021, virtually this year due to the pandemic.

    Discente do PPGFSC, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti

    The work entitled “Structural and Microstructural X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of the β-CoTe Nanophase Synthesized by Mechanochemistry: Anisotropic Size and Microstrain Modeling” (D-21 of the  General XRD session) is a compilation of the 1st article published by the student in co-authorship with Prof Carlos EM Campos (advisor), the newly graduated doctor from PPGFSC-UFSC, Kelli de Fátima Ulbrich, in close cooperation with researchers Julian Geshev and Vagner Zeizer Carvalho Paes, from the Physics Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. The student will present recent results of his studies on the microstructure of nanocrystalline materials produced by him using more sophisticated mathematical models to explain experimental data from their samples analyzed in various X-Ray diffraction laboratories (including the LDRX-UFSC,  (including synchrotron light sources such as LNLS e SLS).

  • First article using the new Robotic Arm

    Publicado em 22/01/2021 às 10:23 AM

    Utilization of ceramic tile demolition waste as supplementary cementitious material: An early-age investigation

  • Check out the scientific production of LDRX-UFSC users

    Publicado em 10/12/2020 às 11:35 AM

    Even with the pandemic, the scientific production of researchers using LDRX-UFSC was very good in 2020. See all production in  http://ldrx.paginas.ufsc.br/producao-cientifica/artigos/!!

  • LDRX back in operation

    Publicado em 18/02/2020 às 04:30 PM

    The LDRX diffractometer returned to operation after replacing the X-ray tube and the control computer. New items will be installed in March 2020 and it is expected to have all the functionality of the equipment (including the control system) available after this stage of the project “Reativa LDRX-UFSC” (Financing FINEP).

    New LDRX order submission system will be live soon!

  • LDRX out of operation – Funds for repair requested to FINEP – SOS equipment.

    Publicado em 01/03/2019 às 10:25 AM

    LDRX out of operation since December 2018

    New Fault in the high voltage generator that feeds the X-ray tube. Generator should be replaced for the 3rd time!

    Requesting for Resources held yesterday for FINEP – SOS equipment.

    We hope to get back to working on LDRX soon.

  • To.Sca.Lat. – 1.0 (from 10th to 14th December 2018)

    Publicado em 14/11/2017 às 02:56 PM

    Dear reader, it is with pleasure that I announce, and invite you to attend, the To.Sca.Lat 1.0: The Latin America Summer School on Crystallography, Diffraction and Total Scattering Analysis for Advanced Materials and NanoScience, to be held in the Vila Fátima at Florianópolis from 10th to 14th December 2018 (complete schedule at event website.)

    REGISTRATIONS OPEN up to November 10th – click here.  Information about R$60,00 Fee will be send by email after your registration be confirmed.

    A few more reasons to attend the event:
    • Temporary TOPAS licenses (Windows only) for Hands-on using YOUR OWN COMPUTER during the event. Offer from the Bruker Office in Germany.
    • Registration fee of  R$ 60,00 (approximately 15 dollars);
    • Opportunity to present short Oral communication (of about 10 minutes) and get certified for it;
    • Possibility of obtaining ICDD and AICr grant for lodging of young attends; Interested parts need to seek financing to purchase tickets in advance. Prices of flights for December are usually higher due to the high summer season.
    • Tourism in Florianópolis (guiafloripaofficial site tourism sc);